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Do you have an instrument that's been in your family for a while or recently been found in your garage or attic?  You may have just discovered a real piece of vintage gold. 

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation, and if we feel you have discovered something worth evaluating in more detail, than we can do the research for you and find out about your instruments history and potential market value. 

Includes a general description of your instrument as well as estimated market value.  Just $50.00.

You will receive an Official Certificate of Appraisal from Vintage Guitar Gallery of Long Island, professional photo's, our method for grading, complete specifications of your instrument, competitive market analysis, and final condition and value report all for just $295.00.



Not sure what it is or how to sell it?  We'll market and sell your instrument for you at our gallery, online store and offer it throughout our other online sales channels. 

Just drop it off with us and collect when your instrument is sold. *click here for our consignment contract.  

Repairs & Restorations

Got an old guitar or amp that just isn't looking or sounding it's best?  We can bring it back to life just as it was back in it's glory days. Our in house technicians are highly qualified for the majority of your repair service needs. If however, we feel that the repair diagnosis is beyond our scope, we will gladly have one of our qualified vintage repair partners complete the work that is necessary to bring your prized gear back to performing at it's best. 
* We charge a minimum fee of $100/hr plus cost of parts for any work done in house.  ​​ 
* All repair services start with a line item proposal for your review and sign off before work is done.

Guitar Repair

  • Custom Instrument Building & Modification
  • Vintage Instrument Appraisal 
  • Vintage Instrument Restoration & Rebuilding 
  • Polishing
  • Fret Level & Crowning
  • Fret Replacement 
  • Binding Repair & Replacement 
  • Neck Reset
  • Refinishing
  • Custom Pickup Installation & Wiring 
  • String Replacement & Setup


Guitar Amplifier Repair

  • Amplifier Diagnostics 
  • Retubing
  • Sold State Amp Repair
  • Circuit Board Repair
  • Custom Modification
  • Speaker Repair


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